M2C+ Cafe, District 3

230 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St.

M2C Cafe, District 1

44b Ly Tu Trong St.

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M2C Cafe - Modern Meets Culture

Lifestyle in Saigon has taken a fast track in recent years as the social and business environment improves. In the midst of pursuing the better things in life , coffee remains an indispensable element and culture of every Saigonese. It refreshes and energize the tired mind after a hard day’s work , and is a spiritual complement in an artisan setting where people from all walks of life meet and interact.

M2C (Modern Meet Culture) , as the name suggests , is a new café culture that is unfolding from the conspicuous streets to the secluded back alley of the city. Conveniently located in the trendiest areas around town , it truly combines the modern taste and trend to create the ideal space to suit every aspect of Saigon’s everyday life. Whether it is for business or pleasure , for couples , friends or just a personal retreat away from the world , this is the place to see and be seen.